Ava ‘Zas it up

Dudes, safe to say I have lived a life, am I right? It has been a whirlwind, girlfriend. First, I was born. Whoah. When was the last time you guys did that? Holy smokes, and it was less than two years ago! Total out-of-body experience (literally!) if you know what I mean and I think you do. And then someone else was born, and now he’s my best pal. Yeah, the Chach! And in between all that we moved, the basement flooded (so I heard, boy did I hear about it. The kvetching! Oy!). And I’ve been getting older pretty quickly. At one point, I was doubling my age every few days!  (I’m told that technically that could only happen once. Math is not my strong suit.  Have you met my dad?)  Who does that? You? Don’t kid yourself, that hadn’t happened to most of you since Eisenhower! (I don’t know what “Eisenhower” means — he may have been the dude in Breaking Bad — but I hear a lot of people say that such and such hasn’t happened since Eisenhower, so I used it.) Anyway, as I was explaining, it’s been a rich and compelling 20-some months, but nothing could compare to what happened to me tonight. Just look at these photos! Yeah! My own slice of pizza, compliments of Jen and Andy Rubin, and their totally bitchin’ family. Glenview’s where it’s at, kids, at least that part of G’View that has Jen and Andy’s house and that sweet slice of heaven with mozzarella and tomato paste in my sweet little mouth! So anyway, just wanted to extend my family’s thanks to the Rubinses for making my taste buds the most excellent place to be tonight. (p.s. I’ve still got some of that mozzarella in my mouth, and I plan to keep it in there ’til I get my driver’s license at least.). Oh and by the way, I had blueberries with my slice. I sh*t you not. It’s how I’ve rolled since ’14. Reese out!

This is me and the pizza with Andy Rubin. He’s a sweet kid. The whole family’s nice.

Likewise. Ditto. Whatevs.gov.

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